Thursday, May 17, 2007

If there isn't enough stress in my life...

So since I've last posted life has been really interesting.

As you all know, or at least I think you do, we have sold our house and bought a new one. However we couldn't manage to get posession dates to line up so we are out of a house for a month. De ja vu anyone? Only this time now we hve a newborn.

I was beginning to think that I was gonna have to take the baby and the dogs and the cat and drive to Saskatchewan for a month. However two days ago we found a furnished place to rent. Yay. But now we have two moves to contend with. At least we can just put our stuff in storage for the month.

And to top it all off, the most stressful part of this whole situation is the hospital stay for a week we just went through. but I would've given anything to have had me be the reason for it. Unfortunately, it was Tristan.

We went in for a routine check up and wound up getting sent to the hospital and then sent to another hospital in an ambulance. His oxygen levels were in the 70's when they should be in the 90's. So we get there and I am forced to endure watching him get a heel stick.
And then I wait for the pediatrician to get there.
And wait.
And wait.
Three hours later he shows up.
Tristan has laryngeal malacia. Which means his larynx is not formed properly. It is soft instead of rigid. Which means when he eats he cant swallow and breathe at the same time like most babies. So he was choking when he tried to eat, so he would get just enough and then go to sleep. So he was losing weight which is what tipped me off that something wasnt right. His oxygen levels were so low because he was screaming for so long and holding his breath.
This is something that he will just grow out of, and there is nothing we can really do for it except modify how he's held while feeding. Which has to be done by bottle now. Which sucks. But whatever's best for him.
He was weighed today and he is now 7lbs and 15ozs. So he has gained back all he lost and more. At quite an astounding rate.
So all is good now. And thats what I've been doing.
Here is the most heartbreaking picture you will ever see.
He hates travelling so he cried in the ambulance the whole way there. And i died inside a little every time a tear fell.


  1. oh my god. he looks so sad in that picture. i could only imagine how long that drive in the ambulance that must have felt like. poor Tristian! poor YOU!!! (and although he looks sad in that picture...he's still adorable!!!)