Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Best laid plans

Sometimes things just don't go quite like you planned. Like this for example. I had planned on writing a very long inciteful, thought provoking post to keep your interst and to make you think for while I was gone. Something filled with gossip about another blogger of whom I know you all read too. Something top secret, and potentially reputation hurting for her.

However I can't. Hubby is standing over my shoulder right now waiting to pack up the computer. I had hoped to have another day with it. But sometimes I'm not in charge. I know that's hard for y'all to believe but there it is. I like to let him have his manhood occassionally. How kind of me I know.

So I guess you guys will just have to wait with baited breath for me to come back to hear my gossip. Haha.
As penance heres Tristan

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