Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Warning! This may be too much information

"Cindy, will you give me head?"


"Why not?"

"My nose is plugged."

"I'll give you a straw..."


  1. I can find several better excuses than that Cindy, but he was definately thinking.....

  2. We may be heading West for a tour in September. It isn't for sure but I think we both need a vacation. We aren't sure where or when but we do want to make our way across the country and head to the island. We both have family that way so we should be okay....and if your home we may need to invaid your space for a day or two. If that's okay....if not I'll sleep on your porch cause it's covered.

  3. ha ha ha...i spent many minutes trying to write a clever comment in response to this post...but it's crazy-insane hot and humid here...and my brain isn't working...