Tuesday, August 29, 2006

The Groping Incident

So we are out at the lake and the keg has been cracked and Hubby has been drinking since about noon. It is now about 10 pm. Roughly. Sarah is there to visit along with her boyfriend Ray.

I get up to go to the bathroom and come back to see that Sarah is sitting in my seat. Whatever, no big deal. Mine was warmer because it was closer to the fire but that's fine I was hot anyway. So I sit down in her seat.

About five minutes passes and hubby gets up to stumble around the campsite a bit. I think nothing of it, and truth be told, was kinda spacing out. Next thing I know, I hear this panicked voice coming from Sarah, "What is he doing?????" I look over to see him leaning over the back of what was my seat, and hugging her from behind. The funny part is that not only is she whacking him with a stick from the ground, but Ray hasn't even said a word about him molesting his girlfriend. We are all staring. I am laughing like I'm high.

Eventually he realizes that this woman doesn't feel like me ( I wonder what gave it away, maybe the fact that she was pulling away from him)and he pulls away. Absolutely mortified, he couldn't even look at her. And kept apologizing profusely for the next twenty minutes.

For some reason Ray assumed he was just grabbing her from behind to pull her backwards off her chair. Which wouldn't have been very nice.

All I could say was at least he didn't GRAB her boobs. Although the extra handful (bitch) would've clued him in alot quicker.


  1. I was sitting in that chair for like half an hour, not just five minutes. And I was talking to him when he was sitting in the chair beside you. I thought he was going to pull we out of the chair too, I'm just glad he didn't nuzzle into my ear or try to kiss me. I'm still a little confused about the whole thing. I hope he isn't to worried about it, shit like that happens all of the time. Ray is well know for taking off on me in a store and leaving me to discuss what he wants for supper with a stranger. Tell him not to worry, it's a good story to tell at your 25th.

  2. so funny...are you ready for 9 months of no alcohol? no alcohol was easy for me...it was the no caffeine that was hard for me!