Friday, June 26, 2009


So I have a confesion to make about my son. It's kind of embarassing to admit because its weird to know something like this about your own kid.

Somethings just dont need to be known, especially not this early in his life. I mean he's only two for christ sake. If its bad enough now at TWO imagine how bad it will be when he's a teenager and has hormones and stuff coursing through his veins.

So here we go...

Tristan has a foot fetish. For Reals.

Oh, Hi mom. I'm just ummmmm........ please dont look at me.

It started young. His first real word was shoe. I'm not even kidding you. I wish I was. Other kids his age were mastering Mama or Dada and he was muttering shoe. He still refuses to differentiate between me and hubby. We are Mamadada. Like it doesnt matter to him which one of us he gets, just as long as someone gives him what he wants. Anyway...

Its not just that he first said shoe, its also his insistence to wear shoes all the time, when he's not wearing shoes he's playing with his toes, saying over and over again toe toe toe. He's fascinated with womens feet. Painted toenails are his weakness, and forget it if youre wearing a toe ring.

He always wants to wear everyones shoes, and will walk around in them if you dont happen to be currently attached to them. He knows where every pair of his shoes are currently and can retrieve them for you if you ask him to. He studies feet, he touches feet, thankfully he doesnt taste feet (yet), but he will smell them. Although it is always followed with a scrunched nose and an EW!

Should I worry about this weird fetish? Or do all little kids have some kind of fascination at this age?

I imagine Leighton Meester would be his dream girl. (Google her name and foot if you dont know what I'm referring to. Kinda funky shit that girl is into...)


  1. His first word was SHOE? That's hilarious! You have so much ammo for when he's older.

    and p.s. those shoes he's wearing are SEXY!

  2. Anonymous5:27 PM

    Oh thanks, they are super uncomfortable so I dont wear them much.

    Am too lazy to sign in, so this is Cindy BTW!